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A Warm Welcome for You to Visit Me and my Cat Lillebror in our little Cottage by the little Lake with the big Rock with the Spotted Nestlings in the Deep Forests of Spjutaretorp.


Come and Rest or Play in this Heavenly Glade and Peaceful Valley, come have a Look and while you're here have a Cup of Coffee or a Mug of Tea and Freshly Baked Crackers.


Here the rest of the world So Far Away.


Here you will find different kinds of Marmalade, Crispbread, Spices and Eternelle Bouquets, all depending on Season and Availability, and Handmade Cards in Beautiful Envelopes in all the World's Colors and Motifs that can also be ordered as desired.


I do not have Open for Drop-In, but Write to me and Book a Visit to Shop or "Fika" or Just Be.


I Am Here For You For Healing Conversations If You so wish.

Not as a Therapist but as a Sister.


During the Summer Months it is Lovely to Stroll in the garden among the Thyme & the Rosebuds, Listen to the Crickets and taste the wild Strawberries on a Sunny Rock, go for a Forest Walk and pick Mushrooms or Berries for a Jam of your Own, or Row out on the Little Lake in the Little Boat with a Basket Prepared by me and Enjoy The Silence say Hello to The Little Spotted Ones.


Write a few lines about your wishes to me and we will find a day that fits!

It is now also possible to order by Post.



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